Gomita exposes her curvy silhouette dancing with a daring transparent fishnet dress

Araceli Ordaz Campos, better known as “Gomita”.

Photo: Archive / Reform Agency

Gummy continues to generate all kinds of reactions within social networks, where once again she revealed her curvy figure with a revealing transparent dress that made her loyal fans fall in love even more.

After the controversy that she experienced a few weeks ago due to the strong accusation against her father, Mr. Alfredo Ordaz Barajas, whom she pointed out as having beaten her along with her mother, Aracely Ordaz, better known as Gummy, continues to hoard spotlights, but this time thanks to funny videos in which he also boasts the figure he has achieved thanks to the multiple cosmetic surgeries he has undergone.

On this occasion, the seductive images were shared through her official Instagram profile, revealing for just over 3 million followers the curves that have made her one of the most daring celebrities in this virtual community.

And although on other occasions she has been seen wearing clothes that leave little to the imagination and perfectly portray her voluptuous charms, this time she wore a tiny sheer fishnet dress That revealed only a black undergarment that made her show off her figure even more.

Sitting with her back slightly to the camera, it was like The 27-year-old circus star caused a stir and won the acceptance of at least 115 thousand fans, who melted at his charming figure and rated the spectacular photo shoot with a “like”.

In addition, the controversial television host caused a stir once again by appearing dancing with the provocative outfit on several occasionsOne of them moved her body to the rhythm of salsa and shone with a filter that highlighted her beauty and charisma.

While in other publications recorded with the same suit, Aracely Ordáz had fun with a couple of imitations, in which she brought out her sense of humor.

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