GLOSSARY: Kazma’s film flops in theaters. But it’s not a sensation either.

Why was the decline expected? Firstly, against the backdrop of a mass premiere premiere, the number of cinemas that showed Kazma’s new film on the second weekend was noticeably reduced – by half – from three hundred to one hundred and fifty.

Secondly, despite declining interest, Onemanshow: The Movie is once again leading the weekend viewing charts. Although “only” with more than sixty thousand viewers, it is still forty thousand more than Barbie, who took second place, collected.

Thirdly, the movie associated with the million dollar game has already been viewed by more than 450,000 people in twelve days, leaving almost eighty million crowns at the box office, which exceeds the estimated cost of its production. Even if theaters, copyrights and distribution cut their share of sales, Kazma will still be able to laugh.

Fourth, the difference in attendance between the first and second weekends is a common trend in recent years. The 78 percent drop in Kazma’s sales looks significant, but that’s how the movie business works today. The tide is calculated, the start decides; who does not immediately get short-term success, as if it were not because others are quickly striving to take his place.

Fifth, you can play traffic numbers endlessly. For example, interest in the film “Letíme 2” has grown by three thousand percent compared to the previous weekend; How is this possible? Since it has only had a limited number of previews so far, Letíme 2 has only eleven thousand visitors in absolute terms.

Finally, for the sixth time, despite the “sensational” fall, the Kazma project won a third of all viewers of the second weekend, and although not everyone will be drawn to it again to look for the code to the treasure, there is still something to do. feed curiosity. For example, because of the rumors about the impending trial, the rental company Bontonfilm made a statement.

In it, he confirms that even before the premiere of Onemanshaw: The Movie, he received a call from a betting company asking him to make it available in order to “prevent possible losses that may arise from the distribution of the film” and that “The issue is being resolved by our legal department in conjunction with producer’s lawyers.

It can also be read like this: Dear viewers, hurry to the cinema while the film is still allowed for public screening, and what if the court accidentally issues a preliminary ban? Excellent advertisement!

And what does Bontonfilm have to say about the film’s decline? “A big drop relative to the start is quite logical and expected. The first days were absolutely record-breaking, this is the kind of movie that people want to see right away, so pre-sales started a month in advance and theater tickets were sold out. Then it is natural that the return from an absolute record to an excellent result means a big difference. Otherwise, it’s even impossible,” summed up Lukas Vedral.

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