Give beauty and well-being for Christmas, thanks to Le Belle Club

Give beauty and well-being for Christmas, thanks to Le Belle Club

Now that the December festivities have begun, it is very common for people to be a little careless in their exercise habits or to put aside the diet they follow in their day to day.

However, self-care is still something very important, so giving beauty and well-being is an answer so that the celebrations do not bring unwanted changes. Le Belle Club, the Alcorcón aesthetic medicine center, offers great gift packages for the Christmas season.

Services of Le Belle Club

Physical well-being is directly related to exercise and diet. However, one must take into account other practices that help the recovery and care of the skin, hair and even mental health. For that reason, this center has a whole package of new offers that are the ideal choice to give to loved ones.

Among what they offer are facial treatments, body treatments, laser application, aesthetic medicine, alternative treatments, facial diagnosis, hair treatments, nutrition, training and a long list more. All with the aim of giving a complete perspective on aesthetics and good care. In turn, they have special rooms to be able to experience it not only alone but also as a couple.

gift packs

Le Belle Club has memberships to get everything it offers on a regular basis and has new promotions for the Christmas season, so giving them as a gift is a great choice. To be part of your fit club edition, has a six-month subscription for a price of 199.90 euros per month. Your payment guarantees complete follow-up by your trainers, where they assign a personalized diet, a kit welcome card and a five percent discount on all other center services.

In turn, it also has the beauty memberships, which offer all of the aforementioned services and part of a facial diagnosis to recognize not only the type of skin, but also to start a treatment focused on the needs of each face in particular. They did a reconfiguration to be more responsive to their customers and the best part is that it only costs €49.90 per month. We proceed with a routine, a deep cleaning or a facial treatment to choose from every month, 2 sessions of pressotherapy or 2 sessions of UV rays with collagen. As before, the 5 percent discount is maintained.

In conclusion, with the arrival of the Christmas holidays, many people seek to give beauty and well-being. Everything to fight against the carelessness of the holiday season. These Le Belle Club packs are an ideal answer and are also listed as a great gift for loved ones.

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