Gigi Becali Expected to Commission After Accusations Against Istvan Kovacs

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29.08.2023, 20:03

Razvan Burleanu (39 years old), president Romanian Football Federationcame with the first reaction after that Gigi Becali (65) made harsh accusations against him Istvan Kovacs (38 years).

Razvan Burleanu: “Dintegrity department reported itself regarding Istvan Kovacs”

The head of the FCSB said that Istvan Kovacs bought an apartment in Cluj from the company of Nelu Varga, a CFR financier. Answering a question about this, Razvan Burleanu said that Gigi Becali has the right to prove serious accusations.

“What I can tell you is that Istvan Kovac is the most respected Romanian referee at the international level. He is a true professional. This is a statement that I can make before I start an investigation. I can confirm that the integrity department reported itself.

I am not a member of the Disciplinary Committee. These statements must be proven. I believe that all these statements are unfounded. Mistakes are human.

All who have evidence are invited to demonstrate them. There is such a reaction from the managers, because this is a strong championship. After all, we have to protect the judges.”– said Razvan to Burlyan. during a press conference.

Gigi Becali, tough speech: “For so many years I fought one. Now they have brought his brother to power as well.”

The head of the FCSB believes that arbitration was against him and blamed Szabolcs Kovacs, who was in the VAR room. Gigi Becali believes that the VAR referee was influenced by his brother Istvan Kovacs.

In so many years that I have been in football, I have fought one who has always given us trouble. Now they have brought his brother to power as well. He, Gaman, is a poor man… I don’t blame him for anything. It is limited to arbitration. He was afraid, Istvan Kovac’s brother told him: “Aoleu, Istvan Kovac’s brother told me that I should do it.”

This is not a defeat, this is what they wanted, Gaman and Kovacs. I didn’t have time to see Ngezana. You can’t see a top ten player, you can’t play against Istvan Kovacs. Istvan Kovacs, that’s him, he wouldn’t have this stupidity if he didn’t call it big.

that he told CFR it is better to win the championship because we have apartments in Cluj. What should it be in VAR?

It is impossible to fight with two referee brothers. When there are two of them, you run into them because there are two of them. If there was one, I would still fight, but I can’t fight two brothers.” said Gigi Becali in the Digi Sport Special.

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