Gigi Becali announces resignation from FCSB after losing to UTA


Publication date: Tuesday 29 August 2023, 04:18 PM

Update date: Tuesday 29 August 2023, 04:19 PM

Valentin Cretu (34 years) it was announced that he had left the FCSB after relegation from the Conference League, but Gigi Becali changed his mind about him.

The right-back went with the team to Arad and came out in the 88th minute of the game instead of Damjan Djokovic.

Vali Cretu will leave the FCSB!

Answering a question about the position of a “veteran” in the FCSB, Gigi Becali limited himself to a statement that parting with the defender was inevitable.

“Leave me with Cretu, because he will leave anyway”, he limited himself to a statement to the head of the FCSB in front of the journalists who were present at his residence on Alexandru Alley.

Valentin Cretu has been playing for the FCSB since August 2019, when he was bought from Gaz Metan Medias for 125,000 euros. This summer, the right-back was also close to leaving the team, but Gigi Becali relented and extended his contract.

In total, Cretu played 126 matches in the FCSB jersey. He failed to score a single goal, but provided eight decisive assists.

VIDEO – Gigi Becali, comments after losing to UTA Arad

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