Gigi Becali announces move to FCSB after failure in Arad


Publication date: Tuesday 29 August 2023, 00:39

Update date: Tuesday 29 August 2023, 00:39

After the first setback suffered in this Ligue 1 season, Gigi Becali sharply criticized refereeing and announced that FCSB I will do another translation.

Gigi Becali: “We need to turn right”

The businessman said he wants to sign a right winger, being unhappy with his performances David Miculescu And Octavian Popescu. To the question if Marius StefanescuThe Sepsi player is an option, Gigi Becali declined to comment.

“We have to take the striker on the right because Tavi and Miculescu can’t handle it. Let’s see now. Tomorrow we consult to find the striker on the right. Tavi lost all the balls. He also had to hit on goal and hit hard. We need a striker on the right.”,” Gigi Becali told Digisport.

At the same time, Becali admitted that he regrets having sold the far-right Andrei Cordea to Saudi Arabia, Al-Thai.

“Listen, honestly, I’m sorry now that I sold Cordea. I also sold it because of them (no – the people in the club). They said that Cordea is not there, that this one, that they don’t know what, that he is all loses how to play football with Cordea. And I sold it, although I liked Cordea”“, Becali also said.

Which players did the FCSB transfer this summer?

  • Siyabonga Ngezana – Kaiser Chiefs (€600,000)
  • Vlad Ciriches – Cremonese (free)
  • Alexandru Baluta – Puskas Academy (free of charge)
  • Damian Djokovic – Al Raed (Free)

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