Gigi Becali announces last offer for Marius Stefanescu. Sepsis response


Publication date: Tuesday 29 August 2023, 12:34 pm

Update date: Tuesday 29 August 2023, 12:35 pm

To the question if Marius Stefanescu (25 years old), Sepsi player, FCSB variant, Gigi Becali confirms interest in Romanian internationalbut cannot reach an agreement with the Covasnean Formation.

Gigi Becali: “I paid 700 thousand euros for Stefanescu. Sepsi asks for too much money”

Becali reports that the last offer for Stefanescu was 700,000 euros, but Sepsi is asking for more. Under these conditions, the vice-champion’s financier assumes that he will have to turn to another player.

“I can’t take Stefanescu. He asks for too much money. What do you want from me? Now I’m giving away all the money because he’s the best? I don’t give him a million. I want it, but I gave 700,000.”” Gigi Becali told Fanatik on Tuesday at noon.

Marius Stefanescu has been playing for the Sepsi first team since 2019 and recently extended his contract with Covasnen until June 2026. This season, the Romanian player has played in 10 matches and provided three assists.

  • Last season, Stefanescu made 38 appearances at Sepsi, 8 goals and 8 assists.
  • €1.2m market share for a Sepsi player, according to Transfermarkt
  • On account of Stefanescu 2 matches for the national team of Romania.

Gigi Becali: “We need to turn right”

The businessman said after the match with UTA that he wants to buy a right winger, being dissatisfied with the performance of David Miculescu and Octavian Popescu.

“We have to take the striker on the right because Tavi and Miculescu can’t handle it. Let’s see now. Tomorrow we consult to find the striker on the right. Tavi lost all the balls. He also had to hit on goal and hit hard. We need a striker on the right.”,” Gigi Becali told Digisport on Monday night.

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