Gigabyte Introduces Z790 X Motherboards!

A brief overview of Gigabyte, which announces a new series of motherboards Z790 X. We remind you that Intel will soon release processors 14th generation and you need a series of cards to place it. Therefore, Gigabyte will offer new cards, obviously 8! We will also be grateful wccftech for general details.

Z790 X, what’s new with Gigabyte?

RAM Gigabyte Z790 C

According to the brand, the latter has worked hard on their cards to improve them. After that, we will save the new features related toOK memory (already present on Z690 and Z790) with various options:

  • DDR5 auto amplifier : Increases the speed of native DDR5 memory from 5600 MT/s to 6000 MT/s.
  • DDR5 XMP Amplifier : Brings DDR5 modules to the highest profile (up to 8266 MT/s)
  • High bandwidth mode : Increases the bandwidth of DDR5, which means higher frequencies.
  • Low latency mode : Reduces the delay.

Otherwise, we will know that a new brand has appeared on the brand cards. printed circuit board “server quality” at six to ten levels. The latter allows you to reduce signal loss, which is very practical in overclocking. Finally, memory tracks have also been improved. Aorus Xtreme X runs DDR5 at 8266 MT/s without error.


Of course, we will learn that there are new cooling options. It’s about the radiator. BPM more with thermal pads up to 12 W/mK. The same goes for M.2 with aluminum fins and heatpipes. Gigabyte calls for a maximum temperature of 50°C on solid state drive PCIe 5.0 is the fastest. Even the I/O shield runs through it with vents drilled into the back, apparently allowing for a 7°C cooler.

Improvements» the quality of life ” Or Do it yourself :

There we are talking about small improvements that make it easier to assemble / disassemble the machine. computer. Indeed, the brand offers screwless M.2/M.2 heatsink mounting systems as well as levers. PCIe bigger and easier to get.

In the same vein connectors PCIe, M.2 and memory have been improved. ABOUT RAM, we are talking about 5000 installations / deletions. In addition, to improve the temperature, there is Back panel Integral, providing a decrease in temperature by 10%. Why not.

At the BIOS level, it will now be possible to select nine “advanced” options and integrate them into the part. Easy Mode.

New connectivity options:

Communication was also updated as we are now transitioning to Wi-Fi 7 at 5.8Gbps.

The brand’s largest motherboards also feature 10 GbE Ethernet components powered by AQtion Marvell chips. This applies to the Z790 Xtreme X and Master X. The rest of the cards will have to be content with 2.5 GbE Ethernet.

Finally, Thunderbolt 4 is present with two connectors. They will be able to provide speeds of 40 Gb / s.

Expenses :

Well, in history, what hurts the most is selling prices. So the Z790 Aorus XTreme X will retail for $999.99 vs $549.99 for the Aorus Master X. Then we have the Aorus Pro X and Elite X WiFi7 for $389.99 and $289.99 USA, respectively. Finally, we end up with the Z790 Aorus Elite X AX, priced at $279.99.

At the moment prices for Tachyon X, queenoverclocking while Elite X and B760M Aorus Elite X AX are unknown.

It is important to make a reservation that all the features presented here will not be available on all motherboards, see above.

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