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Gica Popescu smiles after meeting a fan on a street corner. At 56, former footballer Ghike Popescu, president of the Lighthouse of Constance, remains a successful man in relationships with women. This is evidenced by the footage in which a fan approached Bachul, as he is also called, on the streets of Bucharest. The former national team captain was just about to get into the car after meeting two friends for coffee.

Gike Popescu smiles after meeting a fan. At 56 years old, the former football player remains a successful man among women, as evidenced by the pictures received by the Event of the Day.

For the past few days, paparazzi have spotted Gike Popescu in a cafe in Bucharest along with two acquaintances. We don’t know what they discussed or if they had any talks, possibly about player transfers.

All three were caught walking towards the exit after the meeting was over.

Similarly, it is quite possible that Ghica Popescu met two friends in Bucharest during a break from work at the Lighthouse. Perhaps they spent several tens of minutes together, relaxing. Moreover, Bachul, like his friend Gike Hadji, will have a fiery match in Helsinki. These two will be with Farul’s players in the second leg against HJK.

Gika Popescu. Photo source: EVZ

Gike Popescu smiles after meeting a fan

After parting ways with two friends or business partners, Ghica Popescu headed for his BMW. And then, when he was about to get into the car, a lady approached him. At 56, the former football player remains a successful man among women, this is obvious.

Perhaps it was a fan who wanted to congratulate him on the results obtained with Mayak. Or maybe he remembered Baciu’s glory days since he led the Romanian national team on the pitch. They exchanged a few words, smiled, after which the woman disappeared around the corner of the street. After her Gica Popescu also remained with a smile on her face – a sign that she liked this meeting.

After that, the president of the Konstanz lighthouse got into the car and drove off. Perhaps to Constanta to cheer up the guys before the game in Helsinki.

Friendship with Gike Hagi goes back decades.

Ghica Popescu is one of the most important people in Romanian football. Together with his longtime friend Gike Hadji, he put his experience and knowledge to the benefit of the Farul Constanta club. From the position of President of the Constanta Group, he is engaged in administrative activities and not only that. The two, Gike Popescu and Gike Hadji, get along very well and cooperate both professionally and as friends. And this is also because Bacul, as Gike Popescu is also called, “read” Hadji. He knows how to approach him when the king, however temperamental we may know him, lashes out at him.

“He is very, very stubborn, very proud and many times makes mistakes out of pride, out of a desire to be like him. But he’s a champagne lover. It explodes and then sits down. When it exploded, you need to leave Geek alone, let him do it, let him scream. Further, if you give arguments, he will understand, but there is no need to engage in polemics with him when he is nervous. I know very well, we have known each other since we were 20, I would be an idiot, I would show my lack of intelligence and diplomacy if I went with him,” Ghike Popescu said in a podcast some time ago.

The results can be seen at the Constanta lighthouse. With Hagi on the bench and Popescu at the helm, the Black Sea club knows success after success. Farul won the Football Superleague by beating the FCSB, the team of Gigi Becali, and now he has good results in European competitions. In the playoffs of the Conference League, a team of two Gietz won 2:1 over the Finns from HJK. Now Konstantinians are preparing for the return match, which is scheduled for August 31 in Helsinki.

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