Get these 25 free PC games for being an Amazon Prime subscriber

amazon is heating up the atmosphere ahead of Prime Day, whose celebration will take place on July 12 and 13. We already knew that the company would give away Mass Effect: Legendary Edition for PC on the occasion of that sale event, but before that day arrives, it has launched a new promotion that allows us to get a total of 25 games for free. The only requirement is to have a subscription to Prime Gaming, included in the Amazon Prime payment, and claim the games before July 13.

Below you can see the full list of free games now available on Prime Gaming:

25 free games at Prime Gaming.

This selection of 25 games will be expanded on July 12 on the occasion of Prime Day. Subscribers can get free six other computer gamesare the following:

How to get all these free games for PC?

To get these 25 games for free, plus the other six that will be added to the promotion on July 12, you just need to have a subscription to Prime Gaming. This service is included within the Amazon Prime paymentsomething similar to what happens with Prime Video: if you are a member of the store subscription on-line you are also automatically subscribed to Prime Gaming. That way you just have to access this link and Sign in with your Amazon account. Once it recognizes that you are the same person, the portal will allow you to claim all these free games, as well as others that are added to the service monthly in addition to the advantage in-game for certain titles.

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