Get the new Google Chromecast at Fnac at a bargain price

Surely you have thought that now it is complicated interesting offers to buy a technological gift for Reyes. Nothing is further from the truth, a clear example of what we are saying is that you can buy the new player Google Chromecast with a very good deal at Fnac. We show you how to get it.

The model we are talking about is the latest generation of the well-known Google multimedia player, which is undoubtedly one of the best hardware products that the North American firm has launched on the market. The fact is that this is an accessory that has novelties very important compared to previous generations since, without going any further, it includes a remote control that allows you to control any parameter of what you are watching on the television. And, therefore, this equates it to other devices offered by other companies such as Xiaomi or Amazon.

White Google Chromecast

The inclusion of the aforementioned accessory aims to be able to easily use another of the new additions that this Google Chromecast has: it has an operating system. This is none other than Google tv, which is an evolution of Android to be used on televisions, and which has the possibility of navigating through a very simple user interface plus nothing in frames and, also, allows the installation of Applications. And, precisely because of this, that is why the product we are talking about draws our attention since you can use practically all the apps that allow access to streaming video services such as Netflix or HBO Max (e, even if you wish games… That you can enjoy to the fullest by combining a Bluetooth remote with the player).

The offer at the Fnac

Right now if you pay 65.90 euros You can buy the device we are talking about, a very interesting discount from the € 69.99 that this accessory usually costs. Finished in white and with a simple installation (an assistant is included for this), it is important to note that if you are a Fnac member you will not have to pay nothing for shipping costs, a possibility that surely draws the attention of more than one. Leave us the purchase link so that you can get this model from home as a gift for this Christmas.

Google Chromecast options

To start you should know that access to any type of content in the cloud is done using networks Wifi, so you will not have to put any cable through (except the one that supplies power to the player and uses SUB interface). In addition, in terms of compatibility there is excellent news, since the connection of the device with televisions or monitors is done through HDMI, So it is difficult for you to have any problem when using it on any computer you have at home and you want to add this multimedia player.

Chromecast media player with Google TV

Finally, it should be noted that in the image quality section you will also be able to get the most out of the televisions that currently exist, since this Google Chromecast offers compatibility with any content 4K and, also, with those who use a high dynamic range (HDR) such as the latest series and movies. An opportunity this offer that you should not miss.

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