get free cryptocurrencies while browsing the Internet thanks to this app

Get free cryptocurrency with Brave simply by browsing the internet and watching ads.

We already talked to you before about the best applications to earn money with your mobile. Some of them, like Google Rewards only allow you spend that money on the Google Play Store while others reward you with real money that you can send to virtual wallets like PayPal.

But, this time we come to talk about a totally different alternative, since you won’t have to answer surveys or play games on your smartphonebut simply surfing the Internet. In addition, you will not receive real money or Google Play balance but cryptocurrencies.

Earning cryptocurrencies with Brave

This is how easy you can earn free cryptocurrencies with Brave

Next, we will explain how you can earn free cryptocurrencies with Brave browser. Keep reading and discover how to get cryptocurrencies totally free.

This is how easy you can earn cryptocurrencies with Brave

Brave is an open source browser focused on privacy which removes advertisements and blocks data capture trackers. But, without a doubt one of the most differentiating characteristics of Brave compared to its competitors is that it has his own cryptocurrency called BAT (Basic Attention Token) and you pay us with it to see ads in your browser (be careful, we are not talking about videos but about normal and ordinary banners).

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The first thing you have to do to start winning BATS with the Brave browser is download the PC version from this link and the mobile app from the direct link to the Play Store that we leave you at the end of the article and install them on all the devices you use to surf the internet (mobile, tablet, computer … etc). Once installed you must activate the BAT rewards and for this you have to open Brave on your computer, click on the menu icon located in the upper right part and identified with an icon of three horizontal stripes and access the section Brave Rewards.

Once inside this section, you will see several cards within it. In the first one, which is titled Advertisements, you will have to activate the switch and click on the configuration icon to select how many ads you want to receive per hour. Our recommendation is that select the highest option, 10 ads per hour, since you will never get 10 ads per hour, but this way you make sure you receive the largest possible number of ads and thus accumulate more BATS.

As you can see in the screenshots that we leave you on these lines, in this card you will have all the information regarding the current earnings for the month (always an estimate), the date of the next payment and the total number of ads you have received so far this month.

Brave rewards-6

The second card that appears in that section is named Automatic contribution And, as its name suggests, it will allow you to send the BATS that you accumulate to the blogs and web pages you visit the most, as long as they have a Brave account created as a content creator. If what you want is to accumulate BATS to pass them to a virtual wallet, we recommend that you deactivate this option, which is activated by default.

The next card called Monthly contributions it simply shows us a history of the automatic contributions in BATS that we have made in the last month to our favorite content creators.

The next card called Tips shows us the specific contributions we have made to a specific content creator in the current month.

In addition to these three cards, in this section we find a fourth in purple at the top that shows you your BATS balance, current month’s estimated earnings, monthly contributions, and tips.

Trick: get free cryptocurrencies while you surf the Internet thanks to this app

From this card you can also associate an electronic wallet to store there all the BATS that you accumulate month by month. Brave gives us two electronic wallet options: Uphold and Gemini. We recommend that you use Uphold because it is a service very easy to use from the web or from the mobile app and because it is one of the most popular today.

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To associate your BATS to Uphold, you just have to click on the option Verify Wallet, click on continue and select Uphold. Once you do this you will get a message indicating that you need to have a minimum balance of 15 BATS to create an account, but we have verified that it is not necessary, since all you have to do is create an Uphold account, and, once created, you return to this menu and click on the option Continue to login. Next, you enter your login data in Uphold and automatically all the BATS that you accumulate will be stored in this electronic wallet.

How many BATS can you win with Brave?

But the question that you will be asking yourself that I have not yet answered is how many BATS can you earn with Brave each month. Well, the truth is that it will always depend on the number of ads you see, but in my case, using this browser with my laptop during the eight hours of my workday I am earning, on average, between 4 and 5 BATS per month, whose value in real money is between 5 and 7 euros.

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