Get free Beholder and Keo on Steam for a limited time

Steam users can get two games for free as long as they add them to your account within the term of your promotions. If yesterday we told you how to get Assassin’s Creed Chronicles Trilogy for the Ubisoft platform, Outcast 1.1 in GOG, and Tina Chiquitina raids the dragon’s dungeon: a unique adventure on the Epic Games Store, this time the games are Beholder and KEO.

Beholder, launched in 2016, makes us managers of an apartment set by the state. “The inhabitants come and go; your daily routine consists of making your house an ideal point for those looking for a flat for rent. However, this is only a facade.” Our mission is to observe and eavesdrop, to investigate the floors while the inhabitants are away.. “You should search their rooms for anything that could threaten the authority of the state. You should create profiles of people and report anyone capable of breaking the law or conspiring against the state.”

KEO Limited Free Promotional Package

KEO is a multiplayer vehicle fighting game set in a post-apocalyptic world where we can edit our car according to the style of play and the balance of the team. There are 6 different vehicle classes and 24 different weapons to combine, including Missile Launchers, EMP Grenades, Plasma Beams, Mine Launchers, and much more. “Control the battlefield by capturing and defending outposts scattered across the map that contribute to the team’s score. Whoever reaches the target score earlier or has more points when time runs out wins.”

Beholder and Keo free on Steam for a limited time

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