Germany rejects the possibility of supplying Ukraine with long-range missiles

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius

Photo: Philip Singer/EPA/SCANPIX

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius on Thursday once again ruled out the possibility of supplying long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine, saying it was “not a top priority” at the moment.

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At the end of May, Ukraine asked Germany to provide it with Taurus air-to-ground cruise missiles that can fly 500 kilometers, but the German government has not yet responded to this request.

“We still believe that this is not our highest priority at the moment,” the minister said during a visit to Bavaria.


According to him, concerns about the transfer of “long-range” missiles to Ukraine are obvious.

“Our American allies also do not provide such cruise missiles,” the minister added.

After initial hesitation, Germany is now second only to the United States in terms of military support for Ukraine.

However, like Washington, Berlin also opposes providing Ukraine with weapons that can reach Russian territory.

In terms of “air defense, training support, engineering troops and armored personnel carriers,” Germany plays a leading role, the minister said.


“This is our top priority, our core competency,” Pistorius said, adding that he did not see the need to make a quick decision on the Taurus missiles.

France announced last month that it would follow the UK’s lead and provide Ukraine with SCALP/Storm Shadow missiles capable of hitting targets 250 kilometers away.


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