Geraldine Bazán denounces that an Uber driver stole her | Famous

The famous, 39-year-old, explained that hired a delivery servicebut when the car operator received the package he canceled the trip and He fledfor which he asked the company for help to recover his things, as he said, they are of “vital importance for his work.”

“Friends of Uber Mexico, I need your help urgently! The driver was given a package for shipment, he received it, he started and immediately after he canceled the trip with my items in his possession. I already tried to make contact through the app without any success. Please, you need my things, they are of vital importance for my work,” the first message read.

In a second Instagram story, he showed that he is taking the situation with humor by sharing a meme about his case, which he labeled the “fashion stylist” Jorge Figueroa.

Later, Geraldine revealed the identity of the Uber driver and the license plates of the car to ask his followers for help in locating him.

“Friend Héctor Miguel, Uber Mexico driver, please I need to get my things back. If anyone knows him, tell him to contact me. I’m desperate. Help me spread the word.”

Geraldine did not elaborate on the type of items the package contained.

Paulina Goto also reported an incident with Uber

The morning of May 14, Paulina Goto denounced through Twitter that felt in danger when the driver of the Uber in which he was traveling refused to let her hold the window down and had to jump out while the car was moving.

“This driver just gave me the scare of my life. I got in the car and rolled down the window (I always do, it makes me feel safer) and right away the driver put it up and put insurance on it so that I couldn’t lower it,” he narrated.

“I asked him to let me get it down again and remove the insurance and he said no. I asked him to stop the car, that he wanted me to get off and he said no and that ‘nothing was going to happen to me’. I had to open the door and jump while the car was moving“He said to end his story.

After going viral, Uber contacted the Mexican actress to start an investigation.


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