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Sunday, December 4, 2022

It is not a secret to anyone that Georgina Rodriguez’s husband, Cristiano Ronaldo has been under fire in the last few hours, after the scandalous interview he gave to Piers Morgan, which would end up dictating the end of the contract that related him to Manchester United.

After that, and as soon as he arrived at the team’s concentration in Lisbon, a strange greeting with Bruno Fernández left social networks on fire. Now, and already in the third game that ended with a 2-1 defeat by the Portuguese against South Korea, the departure of the Portuguese star once again gave people talk.

But beyond all this controversy, and oblivious to the controversies Georgina Rodriguez broke the silence by appearing with Cristiano Ronaldo. The soccer star’s partner was very decisive when once expressing their love for the father of their children: “The love of my life”, It can be read in the publication that I attached with a touching photo of them together and that they have stolen the hearts of their followers.

The comment box was quickly filled with many compliments towards the gorgeous couple. “The King and the Queen”, “What a beautiful couple”, “Suerte Cristiano”, “Goles de pareja”, “The perfect couple”, “You have the perfect woman”. They were some of the messages they left in the post that went up Georgina.

well it is known that Georgina He moved to Qatar in the company of his children to watch the World Cup and watch the man he loves the most and who is the father of his children play. So this Saturday, December 3, the businesswoman turned to social networks to share with her millions of Internet users a tender photo with the Portuguese star and took advantage of the moment to expose how important he is to her.

with this image the model and businesswoman It shows that the love between them is getting stronger and that there will be nothing to separate them. They have shown this from the first moment they met since since then they have never separated and if they have, it is because of work commitments and nothing else.


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