Georgina moves with her first memory of her deceased son

Georgina Rodríguez is enjoying a few days of holidays in majorca accompanied by several friends and, of course, by the beautiful family that she has created together with Cristiano Ronaldo. Together they celebrated Cris Jr’s birthday a few days ago in a majestic villa, but not even in moments of happiness can they avoid remembering the blow that the couple suffered a few weeks ago. And it is that as everyone knows, the day that Georgina saw the birth of little Esmeralda she had to say goodbye to the baby she had also carried inside her for nine months.

It is with our deepest sadness that we have to announce that our baby has passed away.. It is the greatest pain that parents can feel, ”said both Georgina and Cristiano through a statement on social networks. “Only the birth of our daughter gives us the strength to live this moment with some hope and happiness,” she added.


For this reason, and because the memory and the pain will never leave her, Georgina wanted to pay a nice tribute to the little boy she loved and wanted so much. Jaca’s has lived a day with the sky full of clouds, but between them, like celestial lights, some rays of sun have crept in that Georgina wanted to immortalize with a beautiful photograph. To complete the image, she has chosen two more than representative emoticons: a heart and a baby with a halo and angel wings.

The family gains even more prominence on their Instagram

In the documentary that Georgina Rodríguez starred in for Netflix, she constantly made it clear how important her family is to her. Activities, stimulation and sharing moments are real priorities for the model, no matter how many trips and professional commitments she has. That is why her family photographs are becoming more and more relevant and present on her Instagram. In fact, just take a look at her profile to verify that in the last week she has shared more than twenty photographs accompanied by her children.

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