GB WhatsApp download link and free installation of July 2023 version of GB WA Pro, can read deleted messages

GBWhatsApp.  Download and install GB WhatsApp to get dozens of cool features.
GBWhatsApp. Download and install GB WhatsApp to get dozens of cool features.

KURUSETRA — Hello Sedulur… Whatsapp is currently the dominant messaging application. Unfortunately, there are WhatsApp users who are not satisfied with the proposed functions, so they are looking for alternatives and the choice falls on the GB WhatsApp modification application.

GB WA Pro has a lot of cool features that are not in the original version. The appearance of GB WA, which is similar to the original WhatsApp, also makes third-party applications sell well in the market.

Unfortunately, GB WhatsApp has a number of disadvantages. One disadvantage of GB WhatsApp is the potential for malware to attack the device used to install GB WA. One of the drawbacks of WA GB WhatsApp is that it is not yet available on the Play Store. As a result, you need to download GB WhatsApp and install it manually from a web browser.

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Despite this, GB WA is still being installed by many netizens, including WhatsApp users, for more cool features. The cool feature of WA GB WhatsApp and the ability to be targeted by netizens is the ability to have two accounts on the same mobile phone and the ability to read deleted messages.

Disadvantages of GB WhatsApp (GB WA)

There are risks to consider before Sedulur installs GB WhatsApp (GB WA). Because as a modified GB WhatsApp app, it is dangerous for the device you are using.

1. Threats blocked
2. The threat of malicious viruses
3. Low privacy
4. No security check
5. No features backup
6. Must update manually
7. HP gets bugged a lot
8. Prone to data theft

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