Gallo breaks silence leaving the Yankees and arriving at the Dodgers

joey rooster wish your time at New York it would have been different. After being a splashy acquisition by the Rangers last July, the two-time All-Star didn’t produce with the yankees. Gallo led the Majors in strikeouts in 2021. This season, he was hitting .159 and striking out in nearly half of his at-bats. The outfielder was booed every night at Yankee Stadium and relegated to a bench role.

Before the Aug. 2 trade deadline, Gallo knew his time with the Yankees was over. In fact, Gallo began flouting the Yankees’ no-beard rule and arrived at Oracle Park with a remarkable beard.

However, what he did not know is that they would change him to the Dodgers , a team he grew up watching as a kid in Las Vegas. Gallo said it was difficult to leave his former teammates, but that it is a situation he looks forward to. He needed a fresh start. He will get one in Los Angeles.

“My time in New York didn’t go as well as I wanted it to,” Gallo said. “Obviously I wish I had played better. … If you don’t play well, they find someone else to take that job and do it. But I think it’s nice to have a fresh start and a new clubhouse and a new place on the other side of the country, completely. And get back to playing baseball again and trying to win games for the Dodgers.”

For the past week, the Dodgers had been looking for a left-handed bat. They were interested in outfielder David Peralta, who was eventually traded to the Rays. They were also heavily in the mix for superstar Juan Soto, but the Padres won those sweepstakes.

Despite missing other targets, the Dodgers were confident in their ability to take advantage of Gallo’s skill set. A fresh start away from New York is also something the Dodgers are banking on.

“Baseball is tough,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said. “And then the mind helps the performance. So my hope, our hope is that having a fresh start, having clarity, being open to the Dodgers will take advantage of that talent that he has and show his performance. So there’s certainly an exhalation and exhilaration of being out of New York, nothing against the Yankees.”

Gallo was happy to see some familiar faces inside the clubhouse. He shares an agent with Cody Bellinger and the two have built a relationship over the years, mostly while playing video games and working out. She also participates in various group chats with Gavin Lux. Hanser Alberto played with Gallo as a minor leaguer in the Rangers system.

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