Galaxy Watch 4 Watch 5… Will the One UI 5 Watch be officially updated this week?

Source: Reddit

Samsung’s old Galaxy Watch is rumored to get the latest OneUI 5 watch update this week.

On the 28th (local time), overseas media outlet Sammobile reported that Samsung will distribute the One UI 5 watch update for the ▲Galaxy Watch 4 and ▲Galaxy Watch 5 series this week.

Earlier this month, Samsung announced the release of the OneUI 5 watch update for older Galaxy smartwatches, but did not give an exact release date. According to the screenshots posted on the American online community Reddit, Samsung plans to distribute the OneUI 5 watch update for the ▲Galaxy Watch4 series and Galaxy Watch5 series in the 35th week of this year.

Since the 35th week starts on Monday, a warning is provided that updates may not be available until this week at the earliest. The OneUI 5 watch found in the latest Galaxy Watch 6 series features ▲improved sleep management ▲personalized heart rate zone detection ▲improved emergency SOS.

Users can now check out various sound sleep tips provided on existing Galaxy smartphones on the Galaxy Watch, and the intuitively improved “Sleep Insight UI” places the user’s sleep score at the top of the screen for viewing. It shows your dream. sleep time and quality at a glance.

In addition, personalized exercise guidance is provided based on the user’s heart rate zone, and an improved emergency SOS function, in case of an emergency, presses the home button on the Galaxy Watch 5 times in a row and confirms whether to do it or not. connect your phone to an emergency number, such as 119. Connected.

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