Gael Sandoval will not stay for the 2022 Opening

After his adventure in the wellington-phoenix from the Australian League, Walter Gael Sandoval returned to the Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara to look for a place in the squad for the 2022 Opening Tournament during the preseason; however, he would not have managed to convince the board and coaching staff.

According to information from Jesús Bernal, an ESPN journalist, Gael Sandoval failed to win the approval of the coaching staff, headed by Ricardo Cadena, and he was already told that he will not continue with the team.

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Sandoval’s contract with the Sacred Flock ends this June, so in the next few days he will become a free agent and could reach the team that requires his services completely free.

However, if Gael Sandoval wants to stay in Mexican soccer for the 2022 Apertura, he will have to start moving pretty quickly, as the season begins next Friday, July 1.

Being a free agent, Gael Sandoval could sign with a team with the season already started, but it would cost the Mexican midfielder even more to adapt to his new team.

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