Gabriel Soto receives devastating news before his wedding with Irina Baeva

It seems that The recent victory that Gabriel Soto had scored over the magazine TVNotas, after it was confirmed that the actor had won a lawsuit for a publication that led him to undertake a legal battle since 2016, was not entirely satisfactory.

And it is that, although it was ensured that Irina Baeva’s fiancé He would receive a millionaire compensation, now things seem to have taken a 180 degree turn, as it turns out that things are not as they had been said and it seems that the little money would have to be forgotten.

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And it is that according to the court document, the publisher will not have to pay any financial compensation to the soap opera star and would only have to offer a public apology. Faced with such a setback, it is Soto’s lawyer, Gustavo Herrera, who spoke about this resolution.

“What is our surprise that yesterday the sentence was published and gives us the reason half and acquits Notmusa of the payment of economic benefits referring to the payment of 40 percent”the legal defender began by saying.

The lawyer even detailed that they expected to receive from 10 million to 80 million pesos (4 million dollars) However, things will not be that way, despite the fact that, according to the lawyer, Gabriel instructed him to go all out and go to the last consequences.

That is why Herrera stressed, “He (Gabriel) told me ‘Graduate, we go with everything, the sentence that this judge handed down is a shame.’ For the moment I want to tell you because it is an illegal, incongruous sentence, which is not founded and motivated in Law, which violated the principle of access to justice ”.

Finally, the legal defender assured that, in his opinion, everything indicates that this was not resolved in accordance with the law and that he has well-founded suspicions of influence peddling, but this means that Soto was left with the desire to receive tremendous ticket in the name of justice.

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