Fut al Oven. Neymar would be in the crosshairs of JuventusHalftime

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the future of Neymar with the Paris Saint Germain looks quite uncertain, because from Europe it is mentioned that the French team I would be willing to do without the South American for the following season.

According to information published by the sports journalthe Brazilian attacker could continue his career with one of the greats of Serie Awell the “Juventus would be evaluating the incorporation” of the 30-year-old player.

According to the same medium, the possible incorporation of Neymar to the ranks of The Old Lady it would be at the request of the coach Massimiliano Allegriwhich seeks to raise the level of his team after what was done the previous campaign.

It is important to mention that the possible departure of Neymar from PSG is not something so simplebecause the Brazilian’s record looks almost unattainable for any team that intends to sign him.

Dart for Neymar?

Given the rumors of a possible departure of Neymar from the club he arrived at in 2017from France some declarations were interpreted Nasser Al-Khelaifi to the daily mark like a dart to the South American soccer player.

“We want young people, with talent, involved and with a winning mentality, people who want to die for this shield. We want to be stronger collectively, to play as a team and for the club to be above everyone else,” said the club’s president.

We can’t talk about it in the media, some will come and others will go, but they are private negotiations“added the PSG boss without confirming or denying the information circulating about the Brazilian’s situation.

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