From the snow, the daughter of “Canelo” Álvarez exudes style with luxurious snow clothes

Undoubtedly, today the children of the great figures of entertainment and sport capture the attention of the public with their talent and beauty. Emily Cinnamon, the daughter of boxer Saúl “El Canelo” Álvarezis one of them since her skilful riding skills and the impressive party of His XV years went viral on social networks.

Constantly, the 17-year-old girl also becomes a trend for her elegant style and this end of the year was no exception. This December 30th, Emily shared a shocking photo from Vail, a town in Colorado, United States, known for being a freezing area where sports such as sky are practiced.

The young woman could not celebrate her XV years on the exact date due to the coronavirus pandemic PHOTO: Instagram

In the image I could see him sitting on a mound of white snow wearing tight black pants and a luxurious jacket silver and shiny with padding on the inside and a turtleneck sweater to completely cover yourself from the cold.

Although the young woman has limited the comments for her publicationsher father, “Canelo” Álvarez, liked his daughter’s imagewhom he accompanied at his XV-year party and generated a lot of controversy at the party.

The daughter of “Canelo” has stood out for her horse riding skills PHOTO: Instagram

The XV years of Emily Cinnamon

On October 15, the Mexican boxer held a big party for Emily for her 15th birthdaywhich could not be celebrated on the exact date and day due to the coronavirus pandemic that was plaguing the world.

For the party, the athlete’s daughter wore a wide red dress in the company of her father. The mass was in the Cathedral of Guadalajara, the same place where Álvarez married his wife Fernanda Gómez today. After having celebrated the religious ceremony, the boxer’s family celebrated the birthday at the Santa Anita ranch.

The topic that gave a lot to talk about was the presence of Grupo Firme at the celebrationespecially after it was revealed that the boxer ran from the party to the vocalist Eduin Caz when he was enjoying the event.


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