From hero to hater

Coach Mancini: From Hero to Hater

The 59-year-old leader has been in charge of the Azzurri since May 2018 and led Thien Thanh’s team to a surprise UEFA EURO 2020 title, but his relationship with the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) soured when he was defeated. The Cup qualifying campaign forced the home team to watch the World Cup on TV.

However, on August 4, Roberto Mancini was still given additional powers as coordinator of the Italy under-21 and under-20 teams, but he considered this action “degradation”.

As a result, Mancini abruptly announced his resignation on 13 August and less than 2 weeks later signed a contract that would see him become the Saudi Arabian coach until 2027 with the highest salary in the world: 30 million euros/year.

Many opinions see this as Mancini’s betrayal of Italy, with pundits urging Mancini to take responsibility for actions that are hard to forgive. Many are wondering what Italy will be like if Luciano Spalletti or Conte are not left unemployed, who are chosen to manage the team, like “a snake that has just lost its head.”

Ranieri’s colleague also scathingly criticized: “Mancini only went to Saudi Arabia for money, not for motivation.” Even the mayor of Pesaro made an official request to strip Mancini of his status in the Marche region, where he was from.

Mancini himself feels the same way when he admits that after leaving Italy for Saudi Arabia, he was treated like a “serial killer”.

And in his first appearances when he took office, coach Mancini continued to piss off the Italians when he commented: “It’s good that Saudi clubs need at least 3 domestic players in their roster, it’s not necessary in Italy.”

“It’s very difficult to select players in Italy and there are times when I have to invite players who have never played in Serie A.”

To be honest, it’s hard to say no to such an incredible number, but Mancini’s behavior causes quite a few problems, and it’s no surprise that he is currently becoming the most hated man in Italy.

Top 10 highest paid coaches right now
1. Roberto Mancini (Saudi Arabia): 30 million euros/year.
2. Pep Guardiola (Manchester City): €23m/year
3. Steven Gerrard (Al-Ettifak): €17.7m per year
4. Diego Simeone (Atletico Madrid): €15 million/year
5. Thomas Tuchel (Bayern Munich): €12 million/year
6. Mauricio Pochettino (Chelsea): €11m/year
7. Jurgen Klopp (Liverpool): €10.5 million/year
7. Erik ten Hag (Man. United): €10.5m/year
9. Jorge Jesus (Al-Hilal): €10 million a year
10. Max Allegri (Juventus): €9m/year

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