From August 18 to August 31, 2023, discounts are available on products such as toilet paper, minced meat and butter!

The Agricultural Credit Markets campaign, which will run from 18 to 31 August 2023, impresses with attractive discounts, especially for essential products. During this period, some essential goods offered to customers will be on the shelves with special discounts. Many products, from milk to eggs, from bread to rice, will provide the opportunity to shop at discounted prices. The discount rate will vary from 10% to 30% depending on the type of product.

Campaign discounted items

Among the discounted products offered to customers during this special campaign are the following:

  • 1000 grams of chickpeas – 30.50 TL
  • 1 kg osmanchik rice – 33.90 TL
  • 440g instant pizza – 79.90 TL
  • Triple tuna – 62.90 TL
  • Fat cheese – 29.90 TL
  • 500 grams of cottage cheese – 52.90 TL
  • Izmir Tulum cheese – 79.90 TL
  • Fat Cheddar Cheese – 129.90 TL

In addition, many products such as ice cream, butter, yogurt, olives, hazelnut cream, carbonated drinks, lemonade, teas, carbonated drinks, baby diapers, bath soaps, dishwashing detergents, tissues, toilet paper, cleaning surfaces, biscuits are also available at discounted prices.waiting.

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This campaign, in addition to offering customers the opportunity to purchase quality essentials at more affordable prices, once again demonstrates the importance attached to customer satisfaction by agricultural credit cooperative markets. This campaign offers a unique opportunity for those who want to shop at affordable prices. You can make your purchases more affordable by checking out discounted items on the Agricultural Credit Markets between August 18th and 31st. Enjoying quality products, your pocket will be relaxed!

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