Fremantle Highway trucker burnt out – fire did not start from an electric car

In recent days, more and more media reports have been reporting that the Fremantle Highway, loaded with almost 4,000 new cars, did not cause a fire at the end of July this year.

A fire that broke out on a car transporter off the coast of the Netherlands in the last week of July caused more than half a billion euros in damage, killing one crew member and injuring several others. It has now been determined that the ship was carrying a total of 3,784 new vehicles en route from the German port of Bremen to Egypt.

The 12 floors of the transporter housed products from BMW, Mini, Rolls-Royce, BMW Motorrad, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Bentley, Porsche, Lamborghini, Audi, Seat and Škoda, as well as about 500 electric vehicles, including the extremely expensive Porsche Taycan.

Initially, the suspicion of the cause of the fire fell directly on electric vehicles, but now it turns out that it will have to be looked for elsewhere. The latest news about the ship’s crash shows that the fire was located on the upper floors, the eighth floor, where there were no electric vehicles, was most affected – they were on the four lower floors of the hold and all 500 are in relatively good condition. Thus, the initially widespread version that the electric car became the cause of the fire is refuted.

Dutch media reports that the unloading of the burned ship’s cargo will continue for several more weeks, while experts are trying to assess the overall damage and determine whether it is still worth repairing the Fremantle Highway.

It is known that the ship was seriously damaged, so it will depend on the assessment of specialists whether it will be taken to one of the shipyards for repairs or towed to Asia, where it will be finally disassembled at the ship graveyard.

There is no doubt about the cargo – all cars will be written off, despite the fact that some of them are practically not damaged.

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