Free NASA games for kids about space and planets

NASA Space Place
NASA Space Place

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (POT) created a Web page call Space Place ( which brings together scientific content about the universe for people of all ages and complements it with games and dynamics of space.

In addition, to improve the experience of navigation Among the contents, they have been divided into icons related to the topics most recurring such as Earth, Sun, Solar System, Universe” and Technology.

NASA Space Place
NASA Space Place

This game developed by NASA explains how the information generated by space missions uses To be to transmit information in the form of code from outer space to Earth, in less time than it would take to do it by means of radio waves.

The method shown in the video game not only simplifies the information about this technology, which has been used since the 1950s, but also allows a practical explanation of the importance of other elements such as communication satellites that act as reflecting mirrors and they facilitate the evasion of obstacles in data transmissions.

The way of playing is simple for children: five scenarios (levels) are presented in which communications with Earth need to be solved by means of lasers. The player’s mission is to use the least amount of mirrors (maximum 3) to connect the origin and destination of the lightning. However, the orbits of the Moon, asteroids and the Earth must also be taken into account.

Relay, a game made by NASA that explains communications in outer space.  (Capture)
Relay, a game made by NASA that explains communications in outer space. (Capture)

This game explains how the process that gives the Sun enough energy to shine so bright occurs.

The game mechanics are simple, eight particles are presented that must be combined with each other to form elements: first hydrogen and then helium, which will keep the Sun alive.

Players will have a maximum time of 2 minutes to generate the most fusion processes.

Helios, the NASA game that explains how energy is produced in the Sun. (Capture)
Helios, the NASA game that explains how energy is produced in the Sun. (Capture)

In this video game, users will be able to simulate an exploration mission on Mars, using a rover vehicle on the surface of that planet, with the objective of collecting rock samples for later analysis.

Unlike other games where vehicles are used, driving does not occur by freely accelerating and braking, but instead the space must be explored using a combination of limited directions to steer to marked rocks that award points once analyzed.

Explore Mars: A Mars Rover Game.  (Capture)
Explore Mars: A Mars Rover Game. (Capture)

The voice that generates the in-game vehicle prompts is that of a NASA systems engineer named, Charlene Valerio.

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