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Free fire, Garena’s shooter, has an extensive collection of characters that modify the gameplay. Chrono is one of them popular asset that has been nerfed twice through major updates.

Thiva and Jota are passive characters in Free fire. This article compares your skills in judging who is best for ranked matches in the Battle Royale game.

FREE FIRE | Chrono

Chrono’s ability is called Time Turner and it is capable of improving players’ movement speed by 5%. They can also block 600 points of damage. The ability lasts only 3 seconds and has a cooldown of 250 seconds.

The most expensive characters in Free Fire
The most expensive characters in Free Fire


Thiva, the latest addition to the roster of playable characters in Free Fire, has an ability called Vital Vibes. Increases players’ rescue speed by 5%. If they successfully revive an ally, they gain a 15 HP increase in 5 seconds.

Thiva |  Free Fire character
Thiva | Free Fire character


Jota’s ability is called Sustained Raids. Hitting an enemy with a weapon improves players’ HP status. If the Free Fire player can take down the opponent, 10% of maximum HP is recovered.

The best Free Fire characters for March
The best Free Fire characters for March

FREE FIRE | Verdict

Chrono’s ability is more powerful than Jota’s, but his long cooldown is a major drawback. Therefore, players cannot use Time Turner as often as they would like.

Thiva is only suitable for duo / squad or Clash Squad matches as it cannot be used for BR single matches where it is not a good choice. Therefore, Jota is the best pick for ranked matches as he possesses a passive ability that helps with healing.

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