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Certain characters from Free fire They are not as powerful as they should be, and they are severely lacking in combat bonuses and upgrades. Most players tend to avoid using them and choose more popular characters.

This limits the user’s options, and they have to resort to choosing “meta” characters to win matches. However, with a few tweaks and modifications, the developers can popularize many other characters.

FREE FIRE | Characters that deserve to be buffeted

Wolfrahh’s “Limelight” ability reduces damage taken from headshots by up to 30% and increases damage to an enemy’s limbs by up to 20%. While the bonuses sound great in theory, they are difficult to activate.

To get these bonuses, players must have spectators or kills. For the most part, this is not possible for everyone. Hopefully sometime during 2022, the developers will improve their skill in Free Fire.

Wolfrahh |  Free Fire character
Wolfrahh | Free Fire character

Nikita’s “Weapon Expert” ability grants players a 24% faster reload while using SMGs in Free Fire. The skill is simple to master but has minimal uses. Considering that SMGs have a short effective range, the ability is only used during close range fights.

Instead of recharging speed, if the skill deals bonus damage while using SMGs, more players will choose it. Hopefully, the developers will look into the matter soon.

Nikita |  Free Fire character
Nikita | Free Fire character

Wukong’s camouflage allows users to turn into a bush. They receive a 20% speed reduction for the duration. It lasts 15 seconds and has a cooldown period of 200 seconds.

In a fight, his ability is somewhat limited as opponents can see the bush move. While the player becomes a smaller target, downward-aiming opponents will still be able to take accurate shots.

Wukong |  Free Fire character
Wukong | Free Fire character

Steffie’s Graffiti’s Blessing reduces bullet and explosive damage by 25% and 5%, respectively. It lasts 10 seconds and has a 45-second cooldown period. Although the skill is valuable, it is very situational.

Since weapons are primarily used in combat, reducing bullet damage by only 5% has little benefit. Ideally, developers should change the damage reduction stats in favor of bullets.

Steffie |  Free Fire character
Steffie | Free Fire character

Paloma’s weapon cast allows players to carry more AR ammo in Free Fire. While this is useful to some extent, it is very limiting in nature. Being able to carry ammo is not a great skill for most combo builds.

If the developers can upgrade Paloma to deal extra damage with an AR, that would improve the ability. At the moment, she is very situational and is rarely chosen in the game.

Pigeon |  Free Fire character
Pigeon | Free Fire character

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