France recalls several contaminated cheeses

The product recall regarding raw milk cheeses has increased since Saturday, August 26, 2023. They are all sold throughout France and sold under the brand name Selles-sur-Cher AOP. They are infected with E. coli bacteria, the Rappel Conso website explains.

What products are we talking about?

Selles-sur-Cher AOP cheese from raw goat milk 150 g from the Pays Gourmand brand from the Anjouin cheese factory has been on the shelves of Aldi stores in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region since August 21. 25, 2023. It can be identified by its GTIN (26065526) and batch number (S220T2). The expiration date is October 7, 2023.

The same product was sold in Carrefour stores throughout France. His GTIN is 0003301170070105 and the batch number is S222T2. You can also rely on its minimum lifespan date: October 10, 2023.

The mass recall also affected Selles-sur-Cher AOP 23% fat 150 grams, which was sold in E-Leclerc stores in France from 23 to 26 August 2023 under the brand Nos Régions ont du Talent. To find it in your refrigerator, you can also take into account its GTIN (3564709005997), batch number (S220T2) and minimum expiration dates: October 7 or October 10, 2023.

Lidl buyers should also be vigilant as cheese sold under the brand between 23 and 28 August 2023 has been recalled as of Monday 28 August 2023. It was sold under the name Selles-sur-Cher AOP 150 g – Sélection du Cheesemaker. Its GTIN is 3760038271816, lot number is 00002202. Feel free to check expiration dates: 14, 15 and 16 September 2023.

The last recalled cheese was put on sale between 23 and 28 August 2023 in Carrefour, Auchan, Leclerc, Cora, Provera, Galec stores throughout France under the brand Selles-sur-Cher AOP 150g and Cloche d’Gold. His GTIN is 0003250391046331 and the batch number is AA222333. Its minimum service life date is set for October 5, 2023.

What to do ?

All recalled products can no longer be consumed. Buyers have the option to return them to the store for a refund. “Escherichia coli Oxxx: Hy may cause, within a week of eating contaminated foods, occasional bloody diarrhoea, abdominal pain, and vomiting with or without fever”, Consumption.List of reminders. In children, in some cases, serious complications should be feared. If you have these symptoms, you are strongly advised to see a doctor.

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