Four out of five. We put Americans on the big courts, we heard Rune from the organizers of the US Open

Last year’s Paris 1000 winner and quarter-finalist at the French Open and this year’s Wimbledon was already surprised last week when he looked at the schedule and learned that his duel with Spaniard Ricardo Carballes would take place on the fifth court.

He then posted a map of the area in Flushing Meadows on Network X. “Just in case you find the top five I play on Monday,” the 20-year-old joked.

“I did it as if for fun. Of course, I was not too happy when I saw the schedule, but I already saw it on Friday, so I had time to recover. This does not mean that I will not be able to play tennis if I do not go to the center court, ”Rune said. However, he did not want to blame his defeat on a smaller court with the 63rd player in the world in a ratio of 3:6, 6:4, 3:6, 2:6.

“I’ve played more matches in my life on smaller courts than big ones, I just didn’t expect to play on such a court,” Rune sighed, wanting an explanation from the tournament organizers.

“They told me what we all know: they put Americans on the big courts. But what I mean is that the better you are in the rankings, the more advantages you have and the better you play in better conditions. This is normal and this is how ATP treats all players. But here they didn’t do this to me, ”complained the fourth player in the world. Although he acknowledged that this practice is not only an American feature.

“I’m used to playing a lot in France, where it’s also done. So I respect that. Not only here, domestic tennis players play on large courts. But when you try to ask more questions, no one answers them. And this is hard, ”Rune regretted.

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