Four men killed a giant crocodile 4.5 meters tall and weighing 800 kg, fighting with him for 8 hours.

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Mississippi crocodile hunters capture and kill giant alligator PHOTO: Profimedia Images

Alligator hunters in Mississippi caught and killed a giant alligator 4.5 meters long and weighing more than 800 kilograms. The fearsome reptile is the largest ever seen by hunters in Mississippi and the Yazoo River.

The fight with the alligator lasted almost 8 hours. The heavy weight and impressive length caused the hunters a headache. By the time they were able to get him onto their boat, the alligator had destroyed several sets of special equipment.

The hunting party was on the Yazoo River in Mississippi on Saturday, August 26, when they came across a huge predator.

When they hauled it to dry land, the hunters learned that they had just caught the largest alligator ever caught in the state of Mississippi.

The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks posted a photo of the catch on their Facebook page and congratulated the hunter group:A new record for the largest alligator ever hunted was broken today! Congratulations to the Mississippi hunters: Tanner White – Flora, Don Woods – Oxford, Will Thomas – Madison and Joey Clark – Jackson.

For the past 18 years, state laws have allowed alligator hunting at certain times to keep the reptile population at a stable, safe level.

Four hunters caught a giant alligator on the second day of the hunting season, which will last until next week.

In order to obtain a permit to hunt reptiles during this period, people need to obtain a special permit.

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