Found the last photos of the still alive Yevgeny Prigozhin

THAT photo they were made in the Central African Civil Service, Prigozhin can be seen among the locals. It was one of the last places visited by the leader of the Russian mercenaries before leaving on his fateful visit to Russia.

The Central African Republic played an important role in the life of Wagner and Prigogine’s business ventures. It is a highly unstable country, where Russian mercenaries and mining companies associated with Prigozhin have gained significant influence in recent years. The Wagner Group plays an important role in the training of the national defense forces, in the protection and operation of important politicians and installations, and also has access to the valuable deposits of non-ferrous metals and energy carriers of the country.

The entanglement is so deep that, according to the Russian press, Prigozhin and Wagner fly Central African government planes to Africa and the Middle East.

Most analysts believe that the companies associated with Wagner and Prigozhin are so intertwined with the government of the Central African Republic that it will be especially difficult for the Russian state apparatus to take over the interests of the mercenary brigade in the region.

Cover image source: Hannah Wagner/Photo Alliance via Getty Images

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