UK, The Guardian:
“Nature decided to give the Dutch Grand Prix a dramatic effect, but for now the only sure point of the season remained unshakable: whether it rains or the wind blows, Max Verstappen will win.”

“Verstappen did his job with minimal effort and took his ninth win in a row, matching Sebastian Vettel’s 2013 record.”

Daily mail:
“Max Verstappen definitely does not need any of his opponents to make life easier for him. He is the best of that era. He danced on the water and took a record ninth straight win at the chaotic Dutch Grand Prix.”

“Max power.”

Switzerland, Bleek:
“The weather that could prevent the victory of Max Verstappen has not yet been figured out. Whether it’s rain or shine, heat or cold, Verstappen is unstoppable under any conditions. Just like on Sunday at his home game in Zandvoort.”

Austria, Courier:
“Max Verstappen was a famous winner of the Dutch Grand Prix in Zandvoort. The local hero lived up to the expectations of 100,000 fans on the court and won for the ninth time in a row. With this, Verstappen set Sebastian Vettel’s record in 2013.”