Former Square Enix Montréal announces closure of four games, including Deus Ex Go

Onoma, formerly known as Square Enix Montral, announced its closure this month shortly after announcing its acquisition and rebranding. Without in a studio support and updates, four mobile games will stop being available in January. They are the following:

  • Arena Battle Champions
  • deus ex go
  • Hitman Sniper: The Shadows
  • Space Invaders: Hidden Heroes

These titles will no longer be available on the App Store and Google Play from December 1, although those who have them in their library They will be able to continue playing until January 4, 2023. As an immediate effect, in-game purchases are closed, and it is recommended to make use of previous purchases before the deadline because there is no refund.

“On behalf of the development team, we want to thank you for playing our games,” reads the official message. The studio founded in 2011 was born to create premium mobile games, but two years later it focused on free to play. They took advantage of the licenses of tomb Raider, hit man Y God Ex for series titles goin addition to Hitman Sniper, Hitman Sniper: The Shadows either Tomb Raider Reloaded; some were also adapted to PC and consoles.

An almost sudden closure

The study It changed to Onoma in October and there was nothing to suggest that a few weeks later they announced their closure. “Our identity will serve to encompass multiple products, programs and initiatives, each with its own personality,” the team said. They were acquired by Embracer in Augustalong with Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal.

Square Enix Montreal Onoma Games Shut Down

The closure will affect about 200 employees, although the publisher said that will seek to transfer some of the workers to other console and PC projects in Eidos Montral: “It is a difficult decision and one that we have studied carefully. We thank the team for their contribution over the years and hope to find a suitable position for as many as possible.”

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