Former PlayStation Developers Found Liithos and Announce Their First NFT Game, Ashfall

Michael Mumbauer and John Garvin have announced the creation of a new video game studio called Liithos that already has its first game underway, Ashfalldescribed as “the first truly Web 3.0 blockbuster for PC, console and the Legacy network” which uses an “efficient” technology called HBAR.

The names of Mumbauer and Garvin are known. Mumbauer, CEO of Liithos, was head of the Visual Arts Service Group for 13 years, during which time his studio collaborated on various PlayStation Studios projects, such as the saga Uncharted either The Last of Us. In his last stage he tried to get VASG to develop their own gamesas remakes of God of War, Uncharted either The Last of Us; this last project did advance, but finally Naughty Dog would take control with his team. The Last of Us Part I launches September 2 on PS5 and coming soon to PC. Mumbauer was also a co-founder of Thats No Moon.

John Garvin was creative director and writer at Bend Studio, from the days of Siphon Filter until days gone; Shortly after launching the open-world zombie game, he announced his departure. Being the creative vice president, writer and director of the new game.

The first details of Ashfall

Ashfall will have players fight for their survival in a world scarred by global warming, volcanoes, and mysterious energy fields. Start as a single player adventure that evolves into PvP and PvE multiplayer in a transmedia and cinematic world. There will be a system of exchange and obtaining resources that This is where the NFT component comes into play.

ashfalHe has collaborations with legendary comic book creators, artists and influencersand the story will begin as a digital comic written by John Garvin and cover artist Brett Booth,” says the studio. Garvin says they will seek to create a next-generation open-world experience that connects with new technologies to enable user-generated content: “Our focus is on creating beloved characters, compelling stories and gameplay that evolves in a world worth exploring, not just in gamesbut also in other media”.

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