Food crisis worsening

The world will experience a further increase in the price of food in the next ten to twelve months if problems such as the scarce supply of fertilizers, a drop in production due to droughts in several countries and the blockage of the sea export of grain from Ukraine are not resolved. experts said at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

If it is not possible to resume shipments of grain and other agricultural products from the port of Odessa, in Ukraine “we will be facing a complex problem because the warehouses may be full, but if there are no ships to transport them, we can see situations of famine around of the world”, anticipated the head of the World Food Program (WFP), David Beasley.

“You can imagine what happens when the country that is the supplier of bread to the world, that is capable of feeding 400 million people, is at war. It is an absolute crisis,” Beasley said in a discussion at the Davos Forum dedicated to putting forward ideas to reverse the food crisis.

He argued that the rapid increase in the number of hungry people in the world will generate more destabilization and mass migration.

Bad agricultural policies
In the panel, the vice president of Tanzania, Philip Isdor Mpango, admitted that his continent suffers from the consequences of “bad agricultural policies”, to which must be added the consequences of climate change and the pandemic, which are still felt in the economic fabric. and African social.

Among the solutions he proposed are “investments in irrigation projects, in rural roads and the allocation of land for crops”, as his country is doing, with young people among the main beneficiaries.


The rapid increase in the number of hungry people in the world will lead to further destabilization and mass migration.

poverty solution.
They plan to invest in improving seed varieties, invest in fertilizers, restore global supply chains and grow more food on less land.

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