Food at McDonald’s is degrading: a teenager was stabbed to death by a friend for a story with sauces

This Sunday, August 27, a deadly argument broke out between two young girls in Washington DC over the sauces they served from McDonald’s.

Naima Liggon was 16 years old. This high school student was killed this Sunday, the day before the start of the school year, by a friend with whom she was sharing a McDonald’s meal.

As stated in CBStwo young girls got into the car after they received their order and argued about the sauces they were served.

Found with a knife

A fierce fight broke out, ending in fatal stab wounds. Naima’s friend Liggon was arrested shortly after the tragedy with a knife in her hand.

She was taken into custody for second-degree murder.

Given the simple history of McDonald’s sauces, “Naima will never see her prom or prom,” her family lamented. “We won’t see her graduate from college, get married or have kids.”

For his part, the director of his institution sent a message to the parents of the students, in which he recalled “a heartbreaking and tragic period for the school community.”

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