Food and Drug Safety Minister: “Japan’s Fishery Import Regulation Is Sovereign”… Inspection of Domestic Seafood Also Doubled – The Hankyoreh

  1. Minister of Food and Drug Safety: “Japan’s regulation of fish imports is sovereign”… Domestic control of seafood has doubledHankyore
  2. ‘Increase the seafood menu without thinking about the people who will be dining’… Catering companies are facing challenges due to government measures to ‘encourage consumption’ against polluted waterGyeonghyang Sinmun
  3. Minister for Food and Drug Safety, Development of Daily Polluted Water ControversyMBK News
  4. In response to the government’s request to increase the use of seafood in the catering industry, they fight: “I have no right to decide the issue with the menu”Hankook Ilbo
  5. “Let’s increase seafood consumption through group meals”Gyeonghyang Sinmun
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