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in the industry therestaurants, but it isrecovering,let’s go in with somehuge amount of peopleput among those things thatwant to lose weightproblem is that they can’tof the people who wearsome goals again endwithout achieving them and that only 9%says they really hadsuccess in achieving them.35% of the participants who did notmake their goalssuccessful is because they say that inreality what happened was thatthe goal was too highthat not being able to achieve it andIt’s always scary to eat better andlose weight, we have tomake this link with luissandoval who helps us with thetheme.that realistic or not wanting to come downweight each year, what fails us?Luisa: if you can be realistic, I willThe only thing that is important is thatthe goal that I get to do is thatcan take gradual steps andsmall, or as big as youyou said, yes you can but there isto take into account theconsistency, balancing thenutritious dish, thenstart with small things.gaby: diets work or not?Luisa: diets are uselesswhen they are restrictive, it worksa healthier life changewhere do you like food andyou can eat a variety offood, then it isimportant something sustainable,something that you like that you see thatyou can apply for more than sixmonths.gaby: there are people who say I’m leavingmornings and they hate smoothies,they need something solid, that’s whythe job of dietitians issuper important.there is something keys and key will beone of them is to have a plan orconsistent nutrition, what do youdo you mean consistent?Luisa: have a schedulefor meals, then thebreakfast, lunch, dinner,instead of hanging out”which leads to overeating andhave less control overportions and what you geteat.gaby: include physical activity,many and says it can’t beexercise because it feelsweak because that diet isreal psychological?Luisa: I realize that whenyou start exercisingbefore you get to have moreenergy, then it is more thanall how to take the first stepyou can start with exercisessmall or with a walk thatthat many times many peoplehave diabetes and are treatingto improve.gaby: sleep from 7:00 to 9:00hours every night, why is itimportant for diet?Luisa: very important because yesyou don’t get to get thatrest that helps to regenerateand more rested then thebody is not enough and whathelps hormonesend up off balancethen more easily you willbe hungry and you will havea bigger appetite forsweet things too.gaby: and finally thiscontrol the state, we already knowthat many people eat foranxiety but we also leaveeating for anxietywhy is it importantcontrol the are you?Luisa: you are helpingthat you can not only enjoyeach element because you arepresent and why are youeating consciously, butIt also helps you so that you don’tyou get to eat more, manySometimes we fill that void or thatworry or anxiety aboutfood because it makes usfeel good at the time butnot immediately after.gaby: there are so many things that there arethat you consider, you have to do a

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