Five video game controller problems with home or low-budget solutions

Controls suffer from problems over time, but a solution may be at hand.
Controls suffer from problems over time, but a solution may be at hand.

Video game controllers usually suffer a wide variety of problems over time, either due to strong treatment, a fall, because they get wet or due to natural wear and tear. However, users can solve several of these situations from home or without spending a lot of money.

Going to the technical service can often be expensive and time consuming, but taking proper care and following certain guides, the solution can be much easier without having to have all the knowledge.

Here we present five common problems that video game controllers suffer and how to solve them at home or on a low budget.

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Controls suffer from problems over time, but a solution may be at hand.
Controls suffer from problems over time, but a solution may be at hand.

This is perhaps the biggest drawback of controls today, especially with the Joy-Con of nintendoswitch, that over time begin to move on their own or in opposite directions and affect the user experience.

The solution to this problem can be solved by uncovering the remote, keeping in mind that this will void the warranty. If you are willing to take that risk, what you should do is place a 1-millimeter-wide piece of cardboard under the stick. This will do a button press and end the drift.

If the situation is not resolved, it will be necessary to resort to a specialist because the fault could be much larger or the process was not done well and some part was misaligned, so it is essential to observe carefully where each one goes so as not to take risks.

It is normal that in a meeting with friends someone spills a drink on a video game controller, which may not affect its operation but it does affect its performance, because it will make the buttons sticky or hard.

Over time this situation can be a bigger problem and in general using the control will not be comfortable at all. However, the solution is not complicated at all.

Using a cotton swab or cup soaked in isopropyl alcohol, clean the edge of the affected buttons, trying to keep them moist and then squeeze them several times so that the liquid goes down to the rest of the control so that it can do the internal cleaning. The process can be repeated several times until the desired result is achieved.

The alcohol evaporates quickly, so it will not affect the device, and the use of toothpicks or toothpicks can be added to the process to help clean the edges.

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Controls suffer from problems over time, but a solution may be at hand.
Controls suffer from problems over time, but a solution may be at hand.

When using a control for a long time, the most likely thing is that the rubbers of the sticks will break or peel. For these cases, the best option is to choose to buy silicone rubber that will act as a lining to protect the buttons and provide the necessary grip to play.

The cost of these products is usually very low and they can be obtained in large quantities or with designs that adapt to the tastes of each one.

The problem of all mobile devices today and the controls are not left aside because they use a very similar charging system, in the case of those of PlayStation. So the first advice is to avoid leaving them connected when they are not being used because the battery will wear out faster.

For the case of DualSense of PS5 They sell a device that plugs into the charging port and provides about 10 additional hours of wireless battery life without adding much weight to the controller.

The controls of Xbox They run on batteries, so they have a different picture. Using rechargeable batteries is a much cheaper option than buying a couple each month. However, there is an additional option: rechargeable batteries that are installed as normal and charged like any other device with a USB cable to the console.

Long gaming sessions can affect the health of the hands or sometimes the grip provided by the controls is not good enough. So there are options that help improve that experience.

The Joy-Con of the switches They are usually the most uncomfortable to use, so users and companies have designed grips that make it easier to hold the controls and their prices are not very high because they are not licensed products, but they will not affect the performance of the console because they are added or they are withdrawn without problem.

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