Five roles to discover why Elisabeth Moss is one of the most talented actresses on the current scene

Shining Girls

Out of the new season of The Hanmaid’s Talethis 2022 series is the newest by Elisabeth Moss although, somehow and despite the notable differences in the script, some of the theme relates to both (it is worth mentioning that this year in our country it was also released in theaters shirley, the Martin Scorsese-produced Josephine Decker film that earned Moss all the accolades for his leading role). Based on the novel by South African Lauren Beukes in Shining Girls the actress plays Kirby Mazrachi, a woman who works for a Chicago newspaper and who managed to survive a terrible attack by a serial killer. While trying to deal with the enormous trauma, Kirby learns that another victim has turned up whose crime shares traits with the assault she suffered herself. Dealing with his angst, Kirby and a co-worker, a disreputable journalist with a life on the wane (played by Wagner Moura) begin an investigation that is far from organized and accurate – that’s one of the series’ strong points. it raises an intriguing plot that escapes from the typical police plots. Together, they will discover, disorderly and chaotically, that there is much more than they think.

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In this 2019 horror film, Adelaide Wilson’s character returns to her childhood home with her husband and two children for a beautiful vacation. But one of the first nights they receive a visit as unexpected as it is gloomy: and as is known, what terrifies before the unknown is certain confirmation that one’s own fears can always come true. A film that after its fiction reveals the problems that the search for identity brings and its relationship with the most endearing past.

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The invisible man

After suffering firsthand mistreatment and gender violence, Cecilia (Moss) rebuilds her life when she receives the news that this man has died. However, as the title indicates, that man and his daughter are still alive. And although he is in a singular way, the relationship between violence and the (real) ghosts that it generates is clear. The film, from 2020, works as a metaphor for what women suffer long after having suffered violence from men, simply because there is a patriarchal system that supports it.

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the square

The manager of a contemporary art museum is putting together an exhibition entitled “The Square”, which promotes human and altruistic values, although in truth it is a criticism of a social contract that has already fallen into disuse but everyone ignores it: little humanism and less altruism. In this criticism, the misogyny of Cristian (the manager in question) shows the sophistication that the patriarchy gains in order not to lose its power, and of which Anne (Moss) is a victim. A role where the actress manages to forcefully display the scathing and not at all linear reading of her character, a journalist who is obsessed with Cristian, played by the talented Swedish director Ruben Östlund.

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Mad Men

A true classic of classics in the world of series and without a doubt the definitive kick from Moss. In the production that commanded the audiovisual transition between the first two decades of the century and that, like few others, taught the world the spirit and the profound social changes that originated since 1960, the actress and her leading role as the charming, complex and fierce Peggy Olson established themselves as one of the banners of a totally new female universe. Such was her scale that of all the women who went through the series (which were many, with acting styles and in very varied roles) she became the most revered. Her character, a copywriter raised in a working-class Catholic family in the New York suburbs who manages to rise from simple administrative to creative in a world dominated by machismo, achieved such appeal that today it is quite clear why Moss was chosen. then to command The Handmaid’s Tale.

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