five films that took children’s characters and radically changed their essence

Winnie the Pooh is getting a chilling horror movie

Winnie The Pooh will have a chilling horror movie – Credits: @Captura

In recent years, the world of cinema has witnessed how classic stories and characters were taken to build movies with many changes or, sometimes, even in a direction directly opposite to that of the original product. The list reviews a series of productions that they moved away from what they showed in the first instance and tried to impose a new imprint or show an unexplored side.

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Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey

The terrifying images of the Winnie The Pooh horror movie

The terrifying images of the Winnie The Pooh horror movie – Credits: @Captura

The terrifying images of the Winnie The Pooh horror movie (Capture /)

The trigger is the disturber horror movie which has already been filmed and is in post-production. with the address of Rhys Frake-Waterfield, Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey It will be a story in which the bear and Piglet seek revenge because Christopher Robin abandoned them.

Hungry and increasingly savage, they set out in search of the young man upon seeing him return to the forest and they end up stalking a cabin where university students are.

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The use of characters is possible because AA Milne’s children’s stories have been copyrighted for 95 years and are now in the public domain. For the same reason, it was not possible to use tigerwhich first appeared in 1928. Although the use of the original protagonists is free, Waterfield stated the premise of clearly detaching himself from the designs and concepts of Disneyso as not to incur an infringement in that sense and avoid confusion about those who might believe that it is a children’s film.


As happened on more than one occasion, the production takes a well-known fairy tale and the producers give it a twist to show something different. In this opportunity, the 2014 film is told from the point of view of the witch.

From the beginning of the story, when he loses his wings, to his relationship with Aurora, Maleficent has a why and a reason for each of the decisions she makes. In this way, the plot is focused from the perspective of the villain and has an interesting twist that undoubtedly changes the essence of the story.

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Given the relationship she built with the princess and the motherly love she had for her, it was his kiss that made it possible to wake up Sleeping Beauty and free her from her curseand not that of Prince Phillip, who had tried before without success.

The film, directed by Robert Strombergreceived mixed reviews from critics. The consensus was that the strongest points were the actions of Angelina Jolie in the leading role and Elle Fanning like Aurora. However, the script garnered both negative and positive reviews.

snow white and the huntsman

This was one of two remakes that were made in 2012. After Mirror Mirrorthe film that had a childish tint and that did not achieve good numbers at the box office, under the direction of Rupert Sanders this story he sought to go in a completely different direction.

The plot mentions the death of Queen Eleanor and the assumption of Ravenna, after marrying King Magnus. In this version, Snow White is locked up, until she escapes when she comes of age.because the sorceress sees that her beauty is threatened and sends for her to kill her.

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From there, the path he must travel in the forest with the hunter Eric It is full of action and very imposing scenarios, especially in the contrast between the Dark Forest and the Fairy Forest. Even, one of the seven dwarfs dies during the course of the film. Despite the fact that the facts are similar and that they are based on the same story, the film is endowed with a much darker tone and with very graphic confrontations.

What stood out most about Sanders’ production was the detailed visuals and the performances of Charlize Theron as Ravenna and Chris Hemsworth as Eric. Nevertheless, the script was very punishedjust like the interpretation of Kristen Stewart as Snow White.


Released in 2019, it had immense popularity and a huge amount of analysis. Unlike the other villain-based examples on the list, it has a much darker tone and that it is not aimed at children. Although it does not appear the batman character this time, the story takes place in his universe and the facts are told from a renewed point of view.

The misfortunes that strike the life of arthur fleck, show how the joker was built from a very cruel and indifferent society that exists in Gotham City. In this way, the actions of the Joker, always a villain until then, have a justification in the terrible life he leads.

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This gave rise to countless analyzes that detail the possible criticisms and visions of society that the film raises. Without going into that field, the truth is that the approach is new and poses a perspective of history never explored until then.

Although it had some detractors, joker received excellent reviews and had high ratings. In addition to the virtues of directing Todd Phillips and the setting, the film was undoubtedly a consecration for Joaquin Phoenix in the leading role.


Once again Disney is present with a film that brings a new point of view to a classic story. decades after 101 Dalmatiansthe 1961 and 1996 films based on Dodie Smith’s book, the 2021 premiere gave a twist to the story and told it from the reality of the villain. Although this is not a classic tale as in the case of Sleeping Beauty with maleficentwithout a doubt it is a well-known production within the cinematographic universe of the franchise.

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The plot follows the events that occur in the life of Cruella de Vil. As in the villain cases listed above, the story explains its origin and gives meaning to the feeling that mobilizes its actions. From childhood traumas to a hidden family history, the production takes place in the same universe as the previous films and totally changes the perspective.

Reviews were generally positive and Craig Gillespie’s work received good returns by specialists. In addition to the script, there is recognition for the work on costumes, makeup and scenery. In that same line, Emma Stone’s performance in the leading role was highlighted.

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