Five Cuban women denounce musician Fernando Bécquer for alleged sexual abuse

Five Cuban women They denounced the musician Fernando Bécquer for allegedly having sexually abused of them years ago with the excuse of carrying out a “cleaning” or a religious “consultation”, according to a report published by the independent magazine The sneeze.

The troubadour Lilliana H. Balance, based in the United States, stated that during a visit to the musician’s home, where he was going to meet fellow musician Ariel Díaz, she was invited by Bécquer to make “a consultation” for which he asked her to close her eyes. Opening them later, she found him masturbating next to her.

“At that moment he had come and everything, and he had a paper with that in his hand and he told me that I had to put it in a place that had four corners. I told him that I would not do any of that, that I would go. Then He threatened me not to say anything to Ariel, claiming that I had a wife and I had a boyfriend. I left, I left. I could go into more details, but I’ve been trying to remember for a few days and I don’t know, “he said.

Another Cuban named Any Cruz said that in 2012, when she was in the fourth year of a university degree in Radiochemistry, She was also invited by the musician, a practitioner of the religion Yoruba, to be consulted at your home.

“Between one thing and another he said that I needed a cleaning, and that a very effective way was through the genitals (…) At some point I trusted him, I did not expect that. There came a time when he asked me to I would take off my blouse to be more free. There I closed my eyes and didn’t open them again. It was very strange because I kept my eyes closed, immobile, while he spoke. I don’t remember what clothes I had, I think it was a dress. He took off my blúmer, I don’t know if the pants or the skirt, and began to do the cleaning process through the sex oral, cunnilingus “, he recounted.

Cruz affirmed that it was not until years later, when he went to live outside the island, that he understood the seriousness of the event. “If not, it is because I live in Argentina and have done psychoanalysis for several years nor would I have assumed that what happened it was an abuse, which was wrong, because it is not what they teach you in Cuba “, said.

The witnesses, of which two preferred to reserve their identity, indicated that the circle of musicians closest to Fernando Bécquer had knowledge of these abuses.

What fucks me the most is that everyone knows it, that so many friends know it. Mauricio (Figueral) told me that he also did what they call ‘castings’, which consists of putting two drunk girls who are at a party to kiss, undress, film them or what do I know. I don’t know if they will continue to do so, but they are all there, taking advantage, “said Lilliana H. Balance.

The response of some artists close to the troubadour was immediate, including Ray Fernández, who rated the complaints as “women’s shenanigans”, for which he was highly criticized on his social networks.

“The words of men like Ray Fernández and Ariel Díaz only confirm what the witnesses say in this first text: there is a complicit inner circle that has covered the backs of who could be a sexual predator for decades “said the Cuban journalist Mario Luis Reyes, author of the text.

According to Reyes, After the publication of the complaint, it has received at least a dozen new testimonies from women who claim to have suffered similar situations in a period from 2002 to 2021.

“There are Cubans and also women from other countries who were violated by the musician during their visits to the island. I can confirm that at least one of the new testimonies occurred in 2021. Also that one of the women who accuses Bécquer was younger at the time of the event “said the journalist.

Also journalist Mónica Baró, who accompanied the process of interviews with the alleged victims of the troubadour, pointed out that issues such as his public relevance as a musician, the fact that he took most of the alleged victims to their home and their ignorance of Afro-Cuban religions influenced the power relations between the two.

The Government of Cuba refuses to legislate a Comprehensive Law against Gender Violence to protect women from their aggressors, despite the increase in the number of victims of feminicides and sexual abuse in the country.

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