Firewall Ultra is a new dimension of FPS on PSVR2, balancing PvP and PvE.

TEST. Firewall Ultra isn’t just another first-person shooter on the market; but it’s one of the brand new PSVR2 titles somewhat “forgotten” by Sony, which is another promise that the new version of the VR is meant for so much more. Firewall Ultra is the successor to the original PSVR-exclusive game and not only offers new game modes, but also a live service model that promises constant updates and improvements. However, the question arises: does the game succeed in pushing the boundaries of PvP (player versus player) or is it just a marketing gimmick?

Firewall Ultra is a new first-person shooter for the PSVR platform that offers the experience that many have been waiting for, but few dare to hope for. But what makes this game so unique and does it really promise a revolutionary innovation or just a well-selling marketing ploy? We now take a look at what makes Firewall Ultra one of the most exciting, if far from flawless, new PSVR2 titles.

Exfil mode: it’s a collaborative experience

The game’s new Exfil mode (short for “exfiltration”) focuses on co-op play, in which players take on AI-controlled enemies in teams of four. But don’t think it will be easy. AI opponents are smart, unpredictable, and not easy to defeat. The new mode also introduces strategic elements such as traps and resource management that test the team’s ability to work together.

When you first load a mission into Exfil, you hack into one of the two available hotspots to reveal the location of the laptops, then create your plan of attack. Did you try to split up to cover a large area with one squad, or did you stay together to cover each other? Are you planning to make your way through the corridors and try to remain unnoticed for as long as possible, or are you going to fight with weapons in your hands? The choice is yours, as each Exfil level is like a miniature playground with many options and possible scenarios.

Balance between PvP and PvE

While the original Firewall game focused more on the PvP aspect, with the introduction of the Ultra version, many are wondering how the new PvE mode will be integrated into the existing gameplay. Based on initial experience, the devs still have some balance work to do, as some cards are balanced in PvP, but not so much in PvE.

It should also be added that Firewall Ultra is not a “set it, plug it and forget it” PSVR product. The developers take the live service model seriously and want to keep players interested with regular updates and new content. But this model can only last if players remain loyal, so community feedback will be extremely important to creators.

Weapons, tools and AI

The game features a wide selection of weapons and tools, among which each player can find what suits him best. Exfil mode deserves a special mention thanks to the development of AI, which makes the behavior of enemies much more sophisticated and unpredictable even for experienced players.

However, the game is not perfect. Teamwork is central to the game, and without it some levels are nearly impossible to play. How sustainable the live service model will be is still the question of the music of the future. Also, due to the PSVR 2 exclusivity of the game, many people will not be able to access it.

It’s also not good that you don’t have the option to change teams. Yesterday I played a round with a very good team. But in the next round, the game rebalanced the teams and sent me to another team, and I had no way to switch back. In addition, the user interface also leaves much to be desired. It took me a while to get used to everything.

Will we allow it through the firewall?

Firewall Ultra is a promising and impressive game for the PSVR2 platform, but there are still areas where it needs to be improved. The balance between PvP and PvE is not yet perfect, and the sustainability of the live service model is also questionable. However, with the potential of the game and the new Exfil mode, this game is definitely worth a look.

-Bad Sector-


+ Co-op PvE mode that adds a new dimension to the game
+ Sophisticated artificial intelligence that challenges
+ Live service promising constant updates and content


“I’m eavesdropping.”
– Full campaign experience is missing.
– The danger of the online service model is that the quality of future content may fluctuate.

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Developer: First Contact Entertainment

Style: FPS

Appearance: August 24, 2023

Gameplay – 7.6

Graphics – 7.6


Music/sounds – 7.2

Mood – 8.2



Firewall Ultra brings exciting innovations to the PSVR 2 market. A new co-op PvE mode and improved AI all contribute to an enjoyable gaming experience, but the game isn’t perfect yet. The basic live streaming model raises questions about the quality of future content.

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