Finished! Manchester United transfer domino deal completed

After a brief resumption of bilateral talks, the result was a move for midfielder Harry Maguire between West Ham and Manchester United.

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After the purchase of three newcomers, Mason Mount, Andre Onana and Rasmus Hoylund, Manchester United’s transfer plan was completely frozen. The reason is that they no longer have a spending budget due to financial fair play restrictions.

The key to solving this problem is that MU must sell off excess people in order to legally spend money on subsequent deals. One of the names in the liquidation is Harry Maguire, who is currently only the fifth choice for the centre-back after old general Johnny Evans.


Maguire has been asked to leave Manchester United and move to West Ham to play football (photo: talkSPORT)

Earlier this month, Manchester United and West Ham even reached a deal for Maguire, but it ended up falling apart. The reason is that the centre-back demanded compensation from the Red Devils for a wage gap when he went to London.

The DOJ, of course, does not accept this unreasonable request. With the idea that this deal has completely failed, West Ham recently reopened talks with the Red Devils to try and get Maguire.

But, surprisingly, this time Manchester United did not give Maguire the green light to leave. The reason is that the transfer period is coming to an end and they don’t want to shuffle their forces. Then West Ham also decided to withdraw from the race.


Manchester United refused to sell Maguire, which resulted in them not having the money to recruit Amrabat and other newcomers (photo: JOE)

So Maguire’s lack of repulsion means Manchester United won’t have the money to keep buying while other names like Van De Beek or McTominay are very picky about buying teams. This was followed by a stagnation of a number of pending deals, such as midfielder Sofjan Amrabat or replacement left-back Luke Shaw and the injured Malasia.

This decision by Manchester United also partially shows that they seem to have agreed with the current line-up. If there are changes, it will most likely be just loan deals that will take place at the end of the transfer window, rather than big deals.


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