RADAR TEGAL – iPhone is one of the most popular mobile phone brands. Here are the three best-selling iPhone types and their prices.

Did you know that several types of iPhone are in high demand, namely the X series and above. The advantages of this Apple mobile phone are that it has a very good build quality and a very high prestige. The latest 2023 iPhone series has reached series 14. The design of the screen has also been updated, because there is a variant of the iPhone without a bang. The camera’s resolution has also been increased to make photos clearer. In addition, the camera features are professional so you can use them more comfortably while being creative with your photography skills.
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Top Selling iPhone Types and Their Prices
1. iPhone 12 Pro Max You know, compared to other iPhone 12 models, the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera sensor takes 47% better photos. When shooting photos and videos in low light conditions, the iPhone 12 pro max can be relied upon because it has a night mode feature. By measuring the device’s distance to the subject, the camera sensor on this iPhone can help the camera focus up to 6 times faster. The battery built into this iPhone has a capacity of 3687 mAh, which makes it more durable. The iPhone 12 Pro Max starts at IDR 17 million.
2. iPhone 13 Pro Max You know, for those of you who love photography, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is perfect. Because this iPhone is equipped with a macro camera. Thus, the quality of the created videos and photos becomes more detailed. In addition to macro photography, the camera also supports ProRaw features, photographic styles, and cinematic modes. The price of the iPhone 12 Pro Max starts at just IDR 20 million.
3. iPhone 14 Pro Max With the Dynamic Island feature on iPhone 14 Pro, Maz will make widgets and on-screen notifications more attractive. The rear camera of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is also 48 MP, so the photo quality is much better. The price of the iPhone 14 Pro Max starts at IDR 20 million. How to Check Original and Fake iPhones
1. Appearance You can determine if the iPhone you are about to buy is fake or original by checking its appearance. On the iPhone X and later, Apple has given the bottom bezel a single shape. In this case, the bottom bezel of the iPhone has a thin design. So, if the iPhone is fake, it will of course have pretty thick bezels even though the device already uses an OLED screen.
2. Check your iPhone’s shipping box to see if the iPhone is genuine or fake based on the packaging or packaging. The original iPhone packaging is very clean, small and compact. Manufacturers of counterfeit iPhones usually try to imitate the original packaging as much as possible. However, the most common thing is that the packaging is made from cheap materials. Sometimes there is no Apple logo on the iPhone packaging. If the color palette of the box on the iPhone packaging is not the same as the original iPhone, then this is most likely an indication that the iPhone you are about to buy is a fake iPhone.
3. Operating system. By looking at the operating system, you can find out if the iPhone you are about to buy is real or fake. As you know, the iPhone uses an operating system called iOS. So, fake iPhones can use an interface similar to iOS. Despite this, UI elements cannot be fooled. When you turn on the iPhone for the first time, the real iPhone will ask the user to set up an Apple ID account. However, if you are asked to enter a Google account or something on the first appearance, it is possible that the iPhone you are about to buy is a fake iPhone.
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So, an overview of the best selling iPhone types, iPhone prices and how to check the original iPhone. I hope this is helpful.***

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