Final Fantasy XVI: Everything we know about Square Enix’s long-awaited action RPG

Square Enix is ​​not short on blockbusters and they are all quite expected: Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2, Kingdom Hearts 4 Y Dragon Quest XII, among other. but be final fantasy xvi the game that first comes to us: in the summer of 2023 for PlayStation 5, a groundbreaking game within a saga that is already in constant reinvention. Presented in 2020 between some doubts due to the orientation of its gameplay and the technical section, it could be said that little by little it has been convincing the fans so that, at least, it is one of the games to follow during the next year.

Developed by an enviable team

Square Enix has highlighted the creators behind final fantasy xvi, and is not for less. The best known face is the producer Naoki Yoshida (final fantasy XIV, Dragon Quest X), artfice de turns the tide of disappointing Final Fantasy XIVOnline until make it one of the best games in the saga, and a complete commercial success for the company. Its presence is, for the vast majority of fans, a guarantee of its quality.

We also find in Creative Business Unit III the director Hiroshi Takai (Final Fantasy 5, SaGa Frontier, The Last Remnant), creative director Kazutoyo Maehiro (final fantasy XIV, final fantasy XII, The Last Remnant), art director Horishi Minagawa (final fantasy XIV, final fantasy XII, Final Fantasy Tactics), character designer Kazuya Takahashi (final fantasy XIV, final fantasy eleven, final fantasy x) and composer Masayoshi Soken (final fantasy XIV, Mario Hoops 3-on-3) that will have the difficult task of keeping up with Nobuo Uematsu absent in the saga during the last 20 years with the exception of some punctual subjects-.

One of the cr
One of the criticisms in his presentation was that the graphics did not represent a great leap compared to the last generation. The last look has shown visible improvements.

One of the key pieces in the project is Ryota Suzuki, one of the specific signings for final fantasy xvi. He is the combat director and unlike other prominent members of the team his experience is not at Square Enix but at Capcom with games like Devil May Cry 5, monster hunter world, Dragon’s Dogma Y Marvel vs. Capcom 2. This should give us an important clue to his gameplay: he’s not looking for a hybrid system like the one in Final Fantasy XV but a gameplay decidedly hack’n slash.

It is difficult to know if this change will be positive or not for the saga, but it is clear that for 20 years final-fantasy cannot be pigeonholed only in turn-based role in the purest classic style. not only the spin off have experimented with different styles, also main releases have been oriented to a gameplay what with Final Fantasy XV got closer and closer to Kingdom Hearts. final fantasy xvi has no complexes in assuming what it is with all its consequences, and its hits and misses will have to be analyzed like an ARPG. At the moment, it is too early to give an opinion on this section.

A legend of crystals and the eikon, the invocations of this world

While gameplay details are scant, Square Enix has provided plenty of insight into the world of final fantasy xvi: Valishthea. Again the story revolves around two constants of the saga: the magic of crystals and invocations, which in this title are called the eikon. The Mother Crystals have given splendor to your nations and are a source of magic, abundance and prosperity. But, as expected, this stage of peace is not eternal when the Stygian lands appear, a phenomenon that threatens to consume the domains of the Grand Duchy of Rosaria.

“There will be casualties, it’s true. But for every citizen who falls, another will be raised. For every home that burns, another will be built. The empire will survive,” we hear in the video that makes clear the political tensions and the sacrifices that some nations are willing to make in order to increase their power. The Kingdom of Waloed, whose emblem reveals that its monarch is a Dominant of Odn, stands out for its enormous military capacity thanks to its Mother Crystal and does not hesitate to strain relations with neighboring nations. The Iron Kingdom, on the other hand, are orthodox crystalline devotees who execute the Dominants that are born in their territories, as they are considered impure creatures.

Beyond the power of the Crystals are the eikon, the most powerful creatures in all of Valisthea. Each of these spirits dwells within a human being, the Dominants, with the ability to summon it. In the world of Valisthea this has been interpreted in various ways: there are nations that distinguish the Dominants as part of the nobility, and in others these characters are treated as powerful instruments of war.

It has not been mentioned that it is an open world game, so
There’s no mention of it being an open world game, so we imagine combining large areas with somewhat linear progression.

The protagonist is Clive Rosfield, the eldest son of the Archduke of Rosaria. It was thought that he would inherit the flames of the Phoenix eikon, but this destiny was for his little brother Joshua. However, his determination to master the art of the sword makes him a formidable warrior worthy of protecting the Phoenix, receiving some of its power from him. A misfortune unleashed by Ifrit will cause him to swear vengeance against this eikon; not much more information, but it is speculated that perhaps Joshua is possessed by Phoenix and Ifrit simultaneously, thus becoming a power that all nations want to control. The game’s logo represents that combat between the two eikon.

In addition to Jill Warrick, a confidant of Clive and Joshua, Square Enix recently revealed some details on two key characters in the plot: Hugo Kupka, Dominant of Titan, and Benedikta Harman, Dominant of Garuda eikon of the wind-. The paths of these warriors, the different kingdoms, empires and republics that form Valisthea, will cross in a plot that wants to recover the complexity and certain adult tone of the worlds created by Yasumi Matsuno Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story– which Yoshida considers himself a fan of. A fact that should guide the story further final fantasy XII what to Final Fantasy XV.

Using Shiva's abilities gives us da
Using Shiva’s abilities gives us ice damage and the possibility of freezing the enemy.

The latest trailer has given us a glimpse into Clive’s combat system, his arsenal, abilities, and what promises to be spectacular moments: clashes between the eikon themselves, which will be playable phases and not a mere sequence as has happened in other cases. Shiva, Titan, Ifrit, Phoenix, Bahamut, Odin, Ramuh, Garuda all appear briefly in battles like this. kaiju like the ultimate weapons that decant victory in a war.

If we look at the gameplayClive you can select an eikon from your repertoire and that modifies the type of attacks or combat style, something that is not only reflected in the type of effects that we see on the screen – Phoenix flares, earth blows, etc. – but can also use its beneficial states: Shiva for example freezes his enemies for a few seconds. There are still many unanswered questions: do we get these powers by defeating the eikon, by befriending allies who join our cause, or both? Does the whole adventure take place alone or will there be companions in combat to whom you will give some kind of strategy?

A year ahead to polish its content

final fantasy xvi It’s playable from start to finish, but the team will take the next few months to improve the various graphical and playable aspects. “The team, under the leadership of Hiroshi Takai, The last phase of development has already begun and is now focused on polishing the game before it’s time to put the finishing touches on it and release it,” Yoshida confirmed earlier this month.

There is a lot of enthusiasm for the game and the demand will not be small. You must balance a fantasy setting that regains a tone that has been lost since final fantasy XII talking about deliveries offline– with a gameplay which leaves out the strategic part of the turn-based role. Can veteran players be satisfied with the new generations? It’s hard, but If we have to put our hands in the fire for someone within Square Enix, it is Naoki Yoshida’s team.

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