Filtered alleged images of Overdose, new Hideo Kojima game

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One of Hideo Kojima’s upcoming games is overdose, described as a horror title that would use the cloud and mobile devices to offer a new kind of interactivity. The creative has not confirmed the project as such, but apparently the first leaks have already begun to emerge.

We tell you this since, supposedly, various screenshots of the game began to circulate on private Discord servers. This means that they have not been made public, but media such as InsiderGaming reports that he had access to them and that they coincide with past reports on the project. Especially since in the images you see a face that will be familiar to the players.

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filter material from overdoseKojima’s mysterious game

Tom Henderson, recognized insider, reported the existence of the leaked screenshots. He stated that they are available on various private Discord servers, to which developers not involved in the project have access.

It is speculated that the images will not come to light, as it is reported that they were deleted a few minutes later. The source assures that in one of them Margaret Qualley, actress of Mama in Death Strandingin a blue dress.

Henderson bets that the screenshots were taken from a trailer that was also leaked a long time ago and that was the reason for his initial report on the project. Due to the nature of the game and the use of the cloud, this is believed to be Kojima’s Xbox game, but has yet to be confirmed.

The insider believes that it is a matter of time before more material about the project emerges, since everything indicates that more people have had access to both the trailer and the recent screenshots. We will have to be patient and wait to find out more about it.

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